A delicious collaboration is born!

forces to offer you Choco Crème, a fine alcoholic cream made with
chocolate. The only one of its kind in Quebec, made with love by two
local companies.
The Choco Crème project was a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Quebec chocolate brand, Chocolats Favoris. While designing Choco Crème, we needed to follow the red and beige brand guidelines, and deliver a bottle as sleek and decadent as the delicious chocolate cream it offers. The embossed sticker on a heavy and smooth bottle, the fine lines of gold stamp, as well as the luxurious paper texture highlight the quality of the product while offering instant brand recogniton. 


Expertly crafted with real cocoa, Choco Crème blends perfectly with
the special moments shared with family and friends. Its taste is balanced
and harmonious, not too bitter and not too sweet. Its creamy texture
and divine chocolatey taste make it an absolute must have.

Whether served on ice, in your coffee or hot chocolate, on your ice
cream or in your desserts, Choco Crème caters to all tastes and is
perfectly suited for all your little gourmet pleasures to create
a unifying and festive chocolate break.
Cafés Favoris
Because no matter how you like your coffee,
we have an option to turn it into your favorite coffee!
Design team : Mylène Lambert, Vincent Lapointe, Christina Fayad (Duvernois Creative Spirits), Karen Landry (Chocolats Favoris)
Photographer : Gabriel Rancourt
Cocktails : Léa Messier
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